Week 2 Avah x Nero Puppies

Hello World!!! We are curious and talkative! Our eyes and ears are wide open! We love play time with the Hall children and we are quite curious about the other momma dogs and crazy Elvis checking us out! This week we will be introduced to a water bowl and some toys.  We are starting to play and wrestle with each other! Enjoy our super cute pictures!! Week 3 pictures will be taken and posted Monday Nov 29. Puppy pick day is Dec 18 into 19. Picks will occur in order of deposit so please make arrangements to come early Dec 18 if you are farther up on the list. Video chat is an option if you choose not to come at week 6. Everyone will be excited to find out who their kiddo is. Pick up day is Jan 2. NO EXCEPTIONS. These little turkeys will be more than ready to break out of here by then so please make arrangements now.