Client Testimonials

Cari and Hall‘s Shepherd‘s have been such a blessing to our family. In 2017, we lost our 14 yr old companion. We searched for months for the perfect new addition for our family since we had small children. We never had a shepherd before but we knew that was the path we wanted to take. I found Cari on Facebook and talked with her for several weeks. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Cari and her family were a professional and loving breeder of shepherds. We found our sweet Rocky (White Shepherd) not long after meeting Carrie and brought him home in January of 2018. It was clear the day we got Rocky that Cari and her family had raised our boy for 8 weeks to be a kind, children living pup. He’s absolutely the best dog I’ve ever encountered. Fast forward a year or so down the road. And I got the itch for another baby. This time I had my eyes set on one of Jerry and Jewels’ puppies. If you haven’t seen Jerry or Jewels, go look them up under Cari’s page. They are gorgeous! We’ve just brought home our sweet Maggie a short month ago and she truly completes our family. I never knew a dog‘s best friend could be another dog. Rocky loves his little sister more than anything ever! We’re so excited to watch them grow together. Two Hall’s shepherds later and I can’t be more grateful that we found Cari. Such a blessing!

Jason and Tara Smith, GA

Cari and Randy, the following is my testimonial. Use it on your page if you see fit. I have now purchased two Shepherds from the Halls. My first is a White Shepherd, Draco. I have been a Shepherd owner for some time, plus 8 years of being a Police K9 Handler. The Halls introduced my family to the White Shepherd and I have consistently been amazed by Draco. His temperament is superior to most dogs I have had in my life. He loves people and other animals, not just dogs, but any animal he has had contact with (snakes, lizards, etc.). His looks (I might be a little partial) is simply gorgeous! He has the most beautiful coat and muscle tone. I seriously love this dog, as does my wife. I am so impressed with the professionalism and love of the dogs the Halls show, I would recommend them to anyone. Not to mention, Cari’s knowledge is extremely impressive. I also love the fact that she is more than willing to share it to help my wife and I be better dog owners.My experience with Draco has led my wife and I to adopt Crux, our Black and Red German Shepherd. He has assimilated to our home seamlessly and has taken with Draco very well. Draco recognizes his role as the “big brother” and has been very good to Crux. Crux is a gorgeous little guy (again, I may be partial), with exceptional markings. He is a spunky little guy who has no idea how little he is! Cari, Randy, and the whole Hall family, thank you! P.S. There may be a third down the road.

Mark Bishop GA

I have the pleasure of owning 2 Hall’s Shepherds! I can’t tell you how much I really disliked animals in the house and never wanted a huge dog until I met Jewels. (One of Cari’s GSD) I was amazed at how well behaved this dog was. How she worked hard for her owner. She listened intently to every instruction given.  I’ve had a great opportunity to work closely with this sweet family for almost 5/6 years? Also, along next to all their dogs. So well behaved. They are all in and out of the house. Great around my children every time we visit. They have their own dog area. So cool! These are more then dogs, they’re family! They’re treated no less then just that, family.
I bought my love, Jada from Cari. This was a huge step because although her dogs were great I was so scared I wouldn’t have a “Jewels”
Cari works closely with each client. She answered a thousand questions for me. Most likely more than once. She helped build a confident pet owner in me. Cari is not some back woods breeder. I’ve learned more about bettering the breed from her then I ever knew. She is amazing! Knows her stuff! Now I have two GSD’S inside my home and don’t know if I could love them any more. (My kids say I love them more at times) I’m so thankful I met Cari and now my heart is so full with both my girls.
I also want to share, I’m her pet sitter! When you hear 7 dogs you may think nasty.  Or you might imagine dogs in crates. I assure you everything is cleaned throughout the day & many times. Dogs are all trained and played with daily. Hardly ever see a dog crated.  I often think “Wow, I wish my house was as clean as their dog room” Her dogs are like family to me and I grown closer each time I sit with them. I’ve spent hours, days and weeks with each of them. Each with their own personality. I’m in love. You’ll not regret adding a Hall’s Shepherd to your family!
                                                                                                                              Gina Ditto Sardis Tn
We have an 18 month old GSD that we purchased from Cari Hall. “Purchased” isn’t really the right word, because this experience was anything but a transaction. Cari took the time to make sure we were ready for a puppy and also to educate us on the breed. She also provided a very professional experience. When I picked up our dog Delta, Cari had a packet of information to help with training, healthcare and feeding. Cari takes a real interest in this breed and you can tell by how she operates a breeder. We could not be happier with our dog. She is beautiful, smart and has been very motivated to train. I would highly recommend Cari Hall and Hall’s Shepherds.
                                                                                                                Keelin Cromar


In December 2016, I adopted a sweet little girl, from Hall’s German Shepherds, that now goes by the name of Zoey! I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I will forever be grateful that Cari trusted me to take care of her grand pup! Zoey is truly the epitome of the perfect dog! She is a loyal companion that is so loving and intelligent. Cari and her family put time and effort into their work and produce quality pups, so I highly recommend Hall’s German Shepherd to anyone that is looking for a new addition to their family! Overall I have a happy and healthy dog with wonderful temperament, so I couldn’t be happier!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Shelby Little Rock AR

Four years ago, for our son’s twelfth birthday, we decided to get a German Shepherd puppy. We started our search online and came across Hall’s German Shepherds. We made arrangements to meet and pick out a puppy. I liked that the puppies had been raised in a clean, family environment with plenty of social interaction. We fell in love with our Roxy as soon as we saw her! She had one ear up and one ear down. She was adorable, full of energy, and ready to play. Today, our son is about to turn sixteen and Roxy just turned four. She loves to fetch, hog the bed, chase squirrels in the back yard, and will do just about anything for a treat. Her endless antics keep us laughing. She and our son are inseparable and we can’t imagine life without her!                                                                                                                                                                             Dee Union City TN

We have had GSD’s most of our 27 years of marriage.  Around February of 2014, we lost our 10 year old Tiger and we were devastated.  The only way to help ease the pain was for us to find a new puppy to smother with the love we had for our Tiger. I got online and found Hall’s German Shepherds.  With hesitation, I contacted Cari and immediately my apprehension disappeared.  I knew I had found the right breeder!!  She had a litter on the way and in June, we brought home our handsome Jake.  What a brilliant and loyal dog!!! He is now 3 years old and very healthy.  Needless to say, we contemplated getting another Hall’s GSD, so in 2016, we brought home Barkley, a gorgeous black and red boy with a huge personality.  He is now 1 year old and full of love and devotion. Both of our boys are loyal protectors with good discipline.  Meeting Cari and seeing first hand the care and love  she has for her GSD’s is impeccable.  Her knowledge of the breed is impressive!!  Our boys and Cari have been such a blessing!!

                                                                                                 Jeff and Kelly Martin Giles Co TN

Skah has been an absolute ball of energy. He enjoys retrieving anything he can get his mouth around and can literally retrieve for hours on end. It is said that dogs can love their owners just as much as owners can love their dogs. Joann and I can tell you that we always feel the love Skah has for us. From his little “happy whine” he lets out when he sees one of us from a window pulling up in our car, to the beautiful glance he gives you when he is walking with us…he is an absolute treasure, and maybe just slightly spoiled. Skah is weighing in at a very healthy and fit 86 pounds. He has been to a couple of Obedience Courses in preparation for his Therapy Dog Certification. He responds to both verbal commands and silent hand signals. Not a day goes by that Joann or I receive comments from people asking what kind of a dog Skah is, and where can they get one? We’ve had kids say that he is a “White Wolf” and adults think he is “Siberian Husky”. One thing of note is that our Vets cannot get over at how calm and gentle Skah is. They have mentioned that it has been their experience that the white shepherds were volatile and unpredictable, which is completely the opposite of our Skah. We have probably had close to fifteen requests for your contact info, which we have passed on. Not sure if you have received any inquiries from down this way, but people have been asking. In closing, I will tell you that Joann and I could not be anymore pleased with our Skah. Matter of fact, we can’t imagine a day without Skah in our lives.

                                                                                                              Joann and Mark Pinson AL

So we had Jasmine flown to No California in November 2016. It was the best week. Everything went great with the flight. She was happy to give kisses right when I opened her crate. She hasn’t left my side since.  ?  she is full of life and happy ALL the time. So much love and wanting to play all the time. She is completely black with red legs and a red chest. She is beautiful. I get compliments on her looks daily. Her coat is dense and shinny. She does not shed. Crazy but true. Thick beautiful fur. She is getting ready to start agility training. Jazzy is extremely athletic. Climbs fences is probably her downfall. ? she finds it funny to escape n play in my front yard. She can jump crazy heights tho. Does trick flips in the air for balls. Her favorite thing is water.  Never seen a dog love water as much as she does.  Obsessed is a better word. Jasmine is  the best puppy and I’m so glad I found Halls. She is perfect.

                                                                                               Stephanie Sacramento, California

We adopted the sweetest white shepherd last year from Hall’s German Shepherds. She is now one and a half years old. We couldn’t be happier with her. The vet said her hips are in great condition. Her temperament is calm even around two kids and a brand new baby. She seems to even think the baby is her puppy. She will come running when he starts to cry.  We have another dog and two cats and she is good with them as well.  I would recommend Hall’s German Shepherds to everyone interested in adopting a shepherd friend for life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Heather Tampa FL

My husband and I purchased Eden from Hall’s GSDs in 2016. We drove over 10 hours to pick her out. Hall’s GSDs stood out to me because Cari wasn’t afraid to answer a million questions and she also was quick to ensure our home was a good fit for Eden. Cari was diligent to stay in touch with us each week with pictures and updates on the litter. We were impressed with her thoroughness in raising the pups with several methods that most breeders don’t. Her attention to detail in the breed and guarantee on their health was encouraging to us. We are proud to have a Hall GSD and plan to continue this amazing line. Getting a dog, especially a GSD, is a lifetime commitment and the GSD breed is one that requires time and effort. Cari is committed to this truth and her dogs are top notch in my opinion. Eden is driven and alert. She is intelligent and quick to learn any task we give her. Her health checkups have been great thus far and she is our sweet love bug.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ann and John Little Rock AR

I first met the Halls and their German Shepherds when I bought my german shepherd Rhea from them. I couldn’t  have gotten a better dog. Rhea loves to be by people and she is always next to someone. When I met Rhea for the first time, Rhea walked up to me and just sat in my lap. That second I knew Rhea was the shepherd for me. Hall’s german shepherd puppies are raised right from birth to develop great personalities for families. And Rhea has proven the fact that Hall’s have the best Shepherds.  After Rhea, my father wanted a German Shepherd, and I couldn’t think of any other place than Hall’s German Shepherd for him to go to. I contacted the Halls when I saw that Jewels had a litter of puppies. That’s when I picked out Thor for my father. Thor was just like Rhea loved to be around people and has a great loving personality. And when Thor and Rhea are together they play for hours. If your looking for your first shepherd or your hundredth shepherd, Hall’s is the place to find your new best friend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Justin Arlington Tn

We purchased a puppy last year from Jewels and Jerry’s litter. Siouxz is a perfect puppy with a great temperament. She loves to run, play in the woods, go to the dog park, swim, chase sticks and tennis balls, and wrestle with our ridgeback and pit bull. She likes people and other dogs. She is very smart and observant. Siouxz is sweet and loving, not our usual experience with shepherds. It is very obvious that Cari takes excellent care of all of her pups. She spends a lot of time and energy insuring that each one is happy and healthy. Siouxz is the best purchase we’ve ever made! Thanks Cari!

                                                                                             Michael and Ann Marie Moscow Tn

I can’t say enough wonderful things about the Halls. We chose them because of their commitment to the overall wellness of their GSDs and I’m so glad that we got our goofy little baby from them. She has the sweetest temperament, she loves people and other animals (she always wants to make friends!), and her gentle personality is really a testament to the Halls as breeders. We’ve taken their example and feed her a raw diet, and Cari was so helpful in answering my initial questions on what to do. They really care about their puppies, long after the sale, and I can’t recommend them enough!

                                                                                                      Issac and Kim Germantown Tn

We bought our GS from Cari when he was 8 wks old. From the day I first called Cari to talk with her, she was always kind, and willing to work with me, and since has always kindly answered any questions I had. We have been completely satisfied with Blitz. He is almost 2 and he has been an incredible dog, He loves our family, always wants to be with us doing what we do. He is wonderful with all children and people he meets. He loves to play. We got a new puppy that is small and he plays gently with her. He is a very gentle loving dog. I couldn’t ask for better. We had a man from search and rescue tell us that Blitz was one of the most well balanced dogs he had seen. He is extremely intelligent. We love our dog and would highly recommend Cari and one of her pups to anyone (as we already have)”                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Koen, Nashville, TN

     While searching for a GSD puppy for my husband online, I came across a picture of a precious puppy who had already been adopted from Cari Hall’s Bandit/Shiloh litter (Sept. 2013). However, the puppy was now in need of a new home. The puppy was already 10 weeks old, but I couldn’t get her precious face out of my mind. I came to learn that her name was Mieka, and that an aggressive, adult dog at her new home had rejected her presence with violent action. Therefore, out of concern for Mieka’s well-being, her adoptive mommy was very sadly seeking to rehome Mieka. After I met Mieka and saw her spunky personality, I had to have her!  As the neonatal period of 8-10 weeks old is especially influential in forming a puppies future behavior, socialization, and confidence, I knew that Meika might come with some special needs after being in a very scary situation with an aggressive adult dog during this crucial time period. However, to my absolute delight, Mieka has both defied and surpassed all of my expectations for her! She is an excellent product of both of her parents’ personalities and good looks! Mieka is submissive, but very confident, and she is extremely social both with humans as well as other dogs. Even if she is the youngest dog in the group at our GSD dog park play dates, Mieka loves to romp and rough house with her bigger cousins and buddies. She never shies away from a chance to play!  Mieka’s petite build coincides with FCI breed standards, as does her very feminine face. Her intrinsic love of learning should make any GSD enthusiast proud. She even finished in first place in our beginner’s obedience class, earning a coveted fuzzy, squeaky, stuffed star as her special first place prize. In addition, Mieka is driven by her nose and we are currently exploring a possible future in the Search and Rescue field of service. Above all, however, is Mieka’s heart. She is loving, kind, and loyal. – Everything I could have asked for in a dog! My husband and I are both smitten with her!  While I had not purchased Mieka directly from Cari Hall, Cari welcomed me into her GSD family with open arms, answering questions, offering support, etc. Cari was especially concerned about Mieka’s development, knowing the situation that Mieka came from. I found Cari’s concern especially touching, as she has continually gone above and beyond my expectations of a breeder. Mieka and I love to attend Cari’s GSD dog park play dates, and I love sharing Mieka’s successes with Cari, as I know that Cari’s enthusiasm and joy will always shine brightly for my sweet Mieka! I have found such joy in my experience with Cari Hall and I couldn’t ask for more from a breeder!

Paige, Cordova, TN

After moving to Memphis eight years ago, my husband and I lost our 15 year old german shepherd to rolling her stomach. That left us one german shepherd who was only a year old. After 7 years we decided to get another german shepherd for Brandy to play with.  I looked on websites, adds, etc and found Cari’s ad stating the facts about her shepherds, bloodlines, the social being of these dogs and their general protectiveness.  My husband and I went over and met the Halls and were very impressed with not only their care for these animals but their love and commitment!  The puppies were gorgeous.  If I had more land I would have bought two.  We fell in love with GiGi and brought her home at 6 weeks. Brandy immediately accepted her as her new sister.  Gigi loves children, our friends and family. She has a great personality and is very gentle.  My mother had dementia and was in a nursing facility. I took Gigi up there for visits and it just made my moms day as well as other senior citizens.  Again her demeanor is wonderful. If I have any questions Cari is quick to answer.  We meet up once a month with Gigi’s brothers, sisters and mom at a local dog park and just have fun. The dogs all get along and I’m not just talking 1-2 dogs but 8-10.  That should tell you something.   Not only do we have a new loving family member but have made new friends with the Halls. Thank you to them for their love and experience.                                                                                                                                                                                                Phil and Lisa R, Collierville, TN

We bought a male german shepherd from Cari from her Sept 2013 Bandit/Shiloh litter. Matt is our guard dog! He is very protective of my 5 grandchildren. We live in a very rural area and feel totally safe because of this very smart dog. He is such a big part of our family.                                                                                                                                                                                            Robin, Alamo, TN

Our dog Koda is a wonderful girl. I had my reservations about getting a GSD but my husband has always adored them and that’s what he grew up with. When I came across the Halls and their GSD and saw the litter of puppies I was sold. It did not take much to convince my husband:) The Halls were great to deal with and very informative. I loved all the facts, details and concerns the Halls have for their GSD as well as the pups going to their fur ever homes. I definitely would recommend them to anyone looking for a GSD and I wouldn’t go elsewhere again. Koda was very easy to train, gets along great with my Boxer and kids. She has definitely become our baby girl and couldn’t imagine not having her.

                                                                                                            West Family, Cordova, TN

We bought our white Shepherd from the Halls last December when he was 8 weeks old.  Our Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Weimaraner passed, so we were looking for another breed.  We’ve always talked about getting a German Shepherd, and when we saw a white one, we knew we had to have him!  From the day we picked him up, Zeus immediately bonded with our family.  Potty training went much faster than we anticipated, and he got acclimated to his kennel quickly too.  Cari was so friendly and informative about German Shepherds.  And we have play dates at the dog park at least once a month. You can tell Cari takes pride in her Shepherds.  Zeus has been the most loving dog we have ever owned.  He is especially sweet and protective of our 2 daughters.  He loves to swim and fetch, and it is impossible to wear himout!  He is exceptionally intelligent, kind, and loving.  If you are thinking about getting a German Shepherd, give Cari a call, you will not be disappointed!

                                                                                           Michael and Addy W, Collierville, TN

My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas in 2012. I was thinking I wanted to add another dog to our menagerie. We have two adult Heinz 57 dogs that we have had for ten and five years respectively.  We had both grown up with dogs and our kids were getting older and I think we were experiencing empty nest syndrome. So a puppy was the cure! My husband’s grandmother had a GSD named Thor that he remembered from his childhood and I’ve always loved the breed. So, I started looking on the internet. I came across Cari’s ad. Ah, there were pictures of beautiful Jetta! I was in luck Jetta just had puppies. Cari and I sent probably twenty emails back and forth. She was very patient with all my questions, and me as this was an investment of heart and money and I wanted a pup that would be with my family for a long time. My daughter and I went out to Cari’s home and there she was; my Lily. It was love at first sight, at a week old. Sealed the deal for me. Lily has been my best friend and our family’s funny girl ever since. She is a very loving and loyal GSD, perfect specimen of the white GSD and spitting image of her momma, Jetta. It’s the best investment of the heart I’ve ever made. Thanks, Cari.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Michelle, Munford, TN

We lost out Chocolate lab of 13.5 yrs back in Jan of this year. It was heart breaking! We have a Blue Heeler Shepard mix who is 3, as well as 3 cats and 3 older kiddos. All of us were depressed and missing our Moose. We saw pics of our sweet Nala while on a trip to Disney World in Feb. Andy my hubby was on the phone with Cari immediately. Cari was great and answered all our questions, as Andy nor I have ever had a GSD before. We got back from our trip and picked up lil Nala. She brought us all calm and smiles immediately. She is a sweet baby. Her big brother Bear adores her just as much as we do :). She is great with our cats 🙂 it only took a few introductions. The kiddos are head over heels for her as are Andy and I. She even at 16 months is a very wonderful guard puppy 🙂 She loves all of us as much as we love her. We are all very pleased. Cari has been there for any questions we have had so far and has been great. So very happy we saw Nala’s pic and even happier we have her in our family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Wendy Masslofsky Arlington, TN

We went to meet Cari and her furry children one week after Jetta had her December 2012 litter. My husband fell in love with our lil Shelby and we eagerly awaited the six week mark so we could bring her home! From the moment we met Cari and her family we knew we had met the right family to help us with owning our first puppy. She was always quick to answer any and all questions we had before and after bringing Shelby home. We met with Cari and her family several times before Shelby turned six weeks and Cari always sent us updated photos of our growing baby. Shelby is now a full grown GSD that loves playing with other dogs, catching the frisbee and swimming! We are so thankful for Shelby and could not image our life without her. We highly recommend Cari as a breeder. She puts her heart and soul into raising these pups.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Walker and Jamie Bolton, Collierville, TN

Grizzly has been such a sweet, loving, and loyal dog. He is my first GSD, and I have been so impressed by his temperament and gentleness with children and other dogs.  Cari does a wonderful job with providing information on your new puppy, but she also keeps up with you to answer any questions you may have, even after you take your puppy home.  When I selected Grizzly, it was great to see both parents on site and to spend time interacting with them.  When I saw how friendly and sweet Grizzly’s parents are (Shiloh and Bandit), I really felt at ease choosing a GSD.  Grizzly is now eight months old and 75 lbs.  He is very alert and protective of me (and the cat), but whenever I have visitors, he is very friendly and playful with them.  He is not hyper like so many other large breed dogs. I’ve worked very hard to socialize him from an early age, so he has never bitten or acted aggressively.  Overall, I have been so happy with my my GSD!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Amanda B, Memphis, TN

My life changed when I got my shepherd! Dino has been a joy to have since day one.  He’s always with me….literally always!!!  He is so good with my younger cousins, family and friends.  My dad acts like Dino is his dog (daddy always wanted a shepherd).  He came with all his papers, food, a list of instructions from Cari, etc.  I’m happy he came from a home full of love! He is my baby boy that I love sooooo much.  He is super smart and so lovable.  Thank you Cari and family for my baby boy Dino.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Nikki Lewis, Memphis TN

  Hey!  I’m Tucker’s human mom and very proud to be, along with his human Dad! Tucker was born 12/30/13, so he’s just a bit over 5 months.  We met him at 4 weeks old; he has grown by leaps and bounds and has the BEST personality!  He is healthy, handsome, smart smart smart and the most beautiful GSD I’ve ever seen!  He’s such a playful guy and so funny to watch; still thinks he’s a lap dog at times….did I mention how intelligent this guy is?    Cari Hall breeds only the best of the best….healthy, strong, beautiful, smart German Shepherd Dogs; she is with you and available anytime you have a question about her dogs….more than just a breeder!  She KNOWS her dogs and all the pups before you ever meet them.  I highly recommend getting your GSD from Cari !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Barbara & Richard, Lakeland, TN