Avah x Nero Week 7 12/27/2021

Silver, Yellow, and Blue Male are available for deposit.

Let the count down begin!! They are soooo ready! Smart, curious, beautiful babies who are ready to bond and start training with their new families!!

Week 6 Avah x Nero 12/20/2021


And we have some names!!! Less than 2 weeks and these little balls of energy are all yours!! They are so funny and very very attached to the kids who are always ready to go outside to explore new things with them! I did another nail trim and gave them their 6 weeks vaccination. Next week we go see Dr. Huggins for a well puppy check-up! Enjoy our pictures! Side note: crazy hard to get 9 energetic babies to sit and focus for a picture!

Week 5 Avah x Nero Puppy Pictures

One more week and we know who is going where! That is so super exciting!! I’ll be messaging individually to schedule your time to come out to select your kiddo or for your private video chat if you live to far. Remember pick up day is Jan 2. No exceptions. These little boogers will be more than ready! Also check your email, I have sent you a copy of the Hall’s Shepherd contract you will be required to sign at pick-up. Feel free to ask any questions.

Are you getting your house ready aka puppy proof? XL crate with divider, puppy safe toys, Victor Hi Pro dog(never grain free or a puppy food) washable dog bed, bowls, a flat small to medium adjustable collar(harnesses are not recommended) and a leash(retractable is not recommended).  Enjoy our pictures and see ya’ll soon!


Week 4 Avah x Nero Puppy Pictures

Half way there! Can you believe it! Our babies are eating from a bowl, using a litter pan, as well as going outside as much as possible! They are so active and so ready to play and explore! We will continue introducing them to all kinds of new sounds and activities! Be on the look out for our Facebook lives! Enjoy our Christmas pictures.

Week 3 Avah x Nero Puppy Pictures

And bam they are up and running! These little guys are so dang sweet! They bark and holler at us when we walk past them. This week they are learning to potty in a puppy litter box, drink from a water bowl, and play with toys! They received a yucky dose of wormer and will get their nails trimmed again this week. Weather permitting we plan to take them outside daily! This weekend, I will add color coded collars and make them their first meal of my famous puppy milkshake! Enjoy our pics and we hope you are seeing all the live videos on FB! The Halls are obsessed with puppy time!

Week 2 Avah x Nero Puppies

Hello World!!! We are curious and talkative! Our eyes and ears are wide open! We love play time with the Hall children and we are quite curious about the other momma dogs and crazy Elvis checking us out! This week we will be introduced to a water bowl and some toys.  We are starting to play and wrestle with each other! Enjoy our super cute pictures!! Week 3 pictures will be taken and posted Monday Nov 29. Puppy pick day is Dec 18 into 19. Picks will occur in order of deposit so please make arrangements to come early Dec 18 if you are farther up on the list. Video chat is an option if you choose not to come at week 6. Everyone will be excited to find out who their kiddo is. Pick up day is Jan 2. NO EXCEPTIONS. These little turkeys will be more than ready to break out of here by then so please make arrangements now.

Week One Avah x Nero Puppies

One week down! Look how fat we are! And so vocal! Today we received our first nail trim. Not our favorite to be held still. This week our eyes and ears will start to open. We are all about Momma Avah, sleeping, and pooping at this stage! Enjoy our pics!

Avah x Nero Newborn Pictures

9 little beauties! Looks like 4 sable males, 3 black/tan males, and 2 black/tan females. They are so active! As soon as they were born, they were like little nascar drivers around the whelping box. I’ve never seen anything like it in 15yrs of being in the dog world. Next photo shoot we will do individual pictures. This week is all about Momma Avah being with her darlings! Going to enjoy the quiet while it last haha!! Enjoy the pics!

Sammie x Justus Week 5 3/18/2021

My goodness are these guys busy! We can’t even move the puppy wagon in the dog room without them going nuts to go out! They already understand that the wagon takes them outside! To cute! They will be completely weaned from Momma Sam by next Thursday! And by next Thursday into Friday we will know who goes to which families and hopefully some names! This time has completely flown by! Today they got to play in the mud! Hope you saw the video on Facebook! They loved it! We hope it is nice and sunny next week! We hope to introduce them to water, the wobble board, and puppy slide! Oh so fun! Enjoy the pics! Until next week!

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