Week 5 Avah x Nero Puppy Pictures

One more week and we know who is going where! That is so super exciting!! I’ll be messaging individually to schedule your time to come out to select your kiddo or for your private video chat if you live to far. Remember pick up day is Jan 2. No exceptions. These little boogers will be more than ready! Also check your email, I have sent you a copy of the Hall’s Shepherd contract you will be required to sign at pick-up. Feel free to ask any questions.

Are you getting your house ready aka puppy proof? XL crate with divider, puppy safe toys, Victor Hi Pro dog(never grain free or a puppy food) washable dog bed, bowls, a flat small to medium adjustable collar(harnesses are not recommended) and a leash(retractable is not recommended).  Enjoy our pictures and see ya’ll soon!