Nero vom Buchonia IGP3, IPO3, PD-1, CGCA, FDC, TKN

Outside stud owned and handled by Jennifer Lee

Hall’s Shepherds is proud to announce the 2020 Fall/Winter breeding with our Avah

Nero has a ton of drive and work ethic but he is super chill in the house. Super off switch, which tells me he has a solid nerve and killer temperament. He is so sweet, takes corrections, never holds a grudge, confident, intense, powerful but gentle. Nero loves water like Avah! He also adores puppies and children! Boy oh Boy what a pairing this will be!! Nero does it ALL!

Link to Nero’s superb pedigree 

Link to Nero’s Genetic Testing Nero is clear for a wide variety of genetic disorders, DM and HU being at the top.

Here is Nero’s stamps from Germany saying he has super Hips and Elbows! (HD and ED- a-normal)