A Family and Their Shepherds…

About the Halls

This is our passion! We believe in bettering the GSD and WS breeds. We show, we title, we health clear, and we stay in very close contact with our clients and puppies we place.

Our dogs are like our children to us. We feed a Raw, Meat-and-Bone diet, based on the PREY Model diet (to the dogs, not the children–LOL) and Victor dog food. Our dogs are never kept in kennels or runs or kept chained–like you often see. All of our GSDs are AKC registered and our white shepherds are dual registered with UKC. All puppies come with a 2yr hip/health written guarantee, AKC/UKC registration, current vaccination record, a microchip, New Owner Puppy Manual, Victor food, and lifetime breeder support.

All of our puppies are handled daily and raised in our home with other animals and our children. During the first six to eight weeks, this is critical for proper socialization and for development of a suitable temperament that make them good family companions. Our puppies can and have been trained for Service/Therapy, Search and Rescue, Protection–or for the Show Ring, Agility, tracking, Rally, Barn Hunting etc…

We breed strictly for quality and health and hope our clients are looking for that. All of our breeding shepherds go through appropriate health screening and tests prior to breeding. Our goals for our business are to produce the best examples of the breed within our power and to educate the public on the breed, from do’s and don’ts to nutrition to socialization. Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy all these adorable photos. We hope you’ll join our awesome GSD/WSD family!

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Week 5 Sammie x Ezbrook’s Justus 3/25/2020

One more week and you will know who your sweet baby is! I can’t wait to hear names!! Your puppies are 100% litter pan trained and already potty training to go outside. They have mastered the tunnel, ball pit, multiple surfaces, interactive toys, the scary vacuum, and a multitude of other different things we expose them too. After this weekend, they will be 100% weaned from Momma Sammie! We will continue to potty train this week and introduce them to a crate. We are so happy with these little guys. I just can’t stress their temperaments enough. They are getting the best start in life and I hope you guys can see and feel that from us. We did stack them up this week so I can start to evaluate conformation. Not bad for 5 week old puppies! And a shout out to my Piper, only 11 yrs old, who stacked all the puppies up just beautifully for 5 weeks old.   Enjoy the pictures and videos I post to FB!


Week 1 Athena x Royal Acres’ Monty 3/24/2020

A week old already! Can’t believe it! Don’t they look little polar bears? Athena is doing a beautiful job. Everyone is gaining weight and doing just great! They pretty much eat, sleep, and poop at this stage. The kids and I are interacting daily with them. Early puppy neurological stimulation is key at this stage. Their ears and eyes will be open before the week 2 photo shoot. I will add color coded collars at about 4 weeks, so for now we get to adore all of their cuteness as a group. Currently we do have  few MALES available for deposit. Enjoy the pictures!

Week 4 Sammie x Ezbrook’s Justus 3/18/2020

Lots of first this week! First meal, first time out of the whelping box, first time using litter pans, first time outside! They did fantastic! So happy with all their progress and personalities! Today they received a nail trim and more yummy wormer. This week we will introduce the ball pit, tunnel, and flirt pole! What fun we are having with them! As you can see I put color coded collars on them and they will remain until 8 weeks pickup on April 15th! That day is vast approaching!! Are you ready? Is your house ready? Your babies will be weaned to Victor Professionals dry dog food. (Purple bag) Chewy, Amazon and Stockdale’s all have it. Check Victordogfood.com for a local dealer to you. I highly recommend this food and the Raw Meat and Bone diet. Yes your babies have already had raw!! So good for them. Start researching now! NO grain free food please. Text me with questions. Also I have emailed a copy of my contract to your email. Review it and let me know if any questions. No need to print and return. I already have a copy wanting for you to sign in your puppy folders. Enjoy our photos! Videos posted to Facebook 🙂

Males are red, green and blue    Females are Orange, Purple, Black and White


Newborn Athena x Royal Acres’ Monty 3/18/2020

Holy smokes! We have 11 gorgeous White Shepherd angels! 8 males and 3 females. We have one female and four males available for deposit at the moment. All the babies and Athena are doing well. Gaining weight, sleeping, and pottying all day long! You will notice some colored strings I’ve added to help me monitor their weights throughout the day. Those will come off in about a week or so. Also a few of the pups look yellow, that is from birth. They are white like the rest of the litter and as Athena cleans it will dull.  Enjoy the pictures and please spread the word about my available puppies. I’d much rather place my babies with folks referred from clients/friends.

May 12 is pickup day! Make arrangements now! Your new family member is coming home!!

Week 3 Sammie x EzBrook’s Justus 3/11/2020

And BAM we have little, mobile, talkative puppies! These guys are absolutely adorable! Today they received another nail trim and we added toys, dog beds, and litter pans to their whelping box. Yep thats right your baby is being litter pan trained at just 3 weeks old! This weekend into next week, I will introduce them to their first taste of my famous “puppy milkshake” and add color coded collars. I will video! With the warmer weather next week, we hope to have a few outings outside. Yes I will try to video.  As you can see our photo shoot was all the kid’s ideas this time! And in 15 yrs, I think it is one of our cutest photo shoots yet! Enjoy!

Week 2 Sammie x EzBrook’s Justus 3/4/2020

Eyes opening and ears are fully open! My little boys were so excited to finally be able to hold and love on the babies. The pups received their first dose of yucky wormer and a much needed nail trim(Sammie was like “Thank Goodness.”) They pretty much just sleep, eat, and poop still but as you can see from the pictures, will perk up and semi bark at us! They already recognize us when we come to play and most already wiggle over for attention. They are just precious and growing like little weeds! Enjoy the pictures! Until next week!


Week 1 Sammie x EzBrook’s Justus 2/26/2020

It’s been a week already! Everyone is gaining weight and becoming more active everyday! They pretty much eat, sleep, and poop like most newborns do at this age. We are doing early puppy stimulation with them daily so they are already use to being handled and know our familiar smell just like momma. Their ears and eyes usually open at 10-14 days so right now touch and smell is how we communicate with them. As you can see I placed the males on blue and the females on purple. At 4 weeks, I will put color coded collars on each puppy and they will remain on them until 8weeks. For the next few weeks, we get to AWWW and EWWW over them. Enjoy the pictures!


Newborn Sammie x EzBrook’s Justus 2/19/2020

Brand new and absolutely perfect! 3 males and 4 females ALL PUPPIES ARE RESERVED from this litter.

Santa survived!

Chief visited our local Hardin County Nursing Home December 2019 with our homeschooling group. They sang Christmas Carols and then accompanied Chief to individual rooms to spread some Christmas cheer. At just 8 months old he was so gentle and wonderful with the seniors and the kids. You just can’t train a temperament like that. We were also very relieved the Santa on Chief’s back wasn’t eaten by this big ole puppy. Ha!

A trip to the Hardin County Nursing Home with our Homeschool Group 2019