A Family and Their Shepherds…

About the Halls

This is our passion! We believe in bettering the GSD and WS breeds. We show, we title, we health clear, and we stay in very close contact with our clients and puppies we place.

Our dogs are like our children to us. We feed a Raw, Meat-and-Bone diet, based on the PREY Model diet (to the dogs, not the children–LOL) and Victor dog food. Our dogs are never kept in kennels or runs or kept chained–like you often see. All of our GSDs are AKC registered and our white shepherds are dual registered with UKC. All puppies come with a 2yr hip/health written guarantee, AKC/UKC registration, current vaccination record, a microchip, New Owner Puppy Manual, Victor food, and lifetime breeder support.

All of our puppies are handled daily and raised in our home with other animals and our children. During the first six to eight weeks, this is critical for proper socialization and for development of a suitable temperament that make them good family companions. Our puppies can and have been trained for Service/Therapy, Search and Rescue, Protection–or for the Show Ring, Agility, tracking, Rally, Barn Hunting etc…

We breed strictly for quality and health and hope our clients are looking for that. All of our breeding shepherds go through appropriate health screening and tests prior to breeding. Our goals for our business are to produce the best examples of the breed within our power and to educate the public on the breed, from do’s and don’ts to nutrition to socialization. Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy all these adorable photos. We hope you’ll join our awesome GSD/WSD family!

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Week 5 Jewels x Jerry 7/24/2020

Happy 5 weeks!!!!!!! Check out the videos on FB! One more week and we will know which puppy belongs to each family! So exciting!

Week 4 Jewels x Jerry 7/17/2020

HALF WAY THERE!! WOW! You made it puppy parents! I know ya’ll are excited. I can feel it in every text, email, and phone call. Just 2 more weeks and you will know which kiddo is yours! As you can see we added collars. Males are Red, Blue, Green, Orange, and Yellow. Females are Pink, Purple, Silver, and Light Blue. The puppies started weaning from Momma Jewels and are doing fantastic. Everyone laps up my famous puppy milkshake. They are using the litter box great and enjoying our quick but daily trips outside. TN humidity is no joke! This coming week we will introduce them to a tunnel and lots more interactive toys. Look for those videos and tags on FB! Hope you guys are enjoying all the ones I posted this week! I know I’m obsessed with these little guys! Can’t help it!  MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAILS AND LET ME KNOW ASAP IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE A COPY OF OUR CONTRACT AND GSD MANUAL. NO NEED TO RETURN ANYTHING. I WILL HAVE COPIES IN PUPPY FOLDER. Enjoy the pics and always feel free to text with any questions! Happy Friday!!!

Week 3 Jewels x Jerry 7/10/2020

And just like that we have walking and talking GSD puppies! This is my favorite age! They are so cuddly and haven’t learned to nip and bite haha! They are doing so well with their litter pans, playing with each other and their toys, and drinking from a water bowl. Next week I will add color coded collars that will remain on them until 8 weeks pickup on August 14. Almost halfway there until you guys bring these little munchkins home. Are you ready? Crate(with divider), toys, bowls, collar(small/med adjustable), leash, etc.. Your baby will be weaned to Victor Hi Pro dry dog food(teal bag). I highly recommend it. Check victordogfood.com for your local dealer or Chewy and Amazon both carry it. I do NOT recommend puppy stage foods as they will cause them to develop growing pains nor do I recommend any grain free foods. I will also introduce them to raw foods like chicken necks, organs, yogurt, eggs, sardines, pumpkin, cottage cheese, etc.. I highly recommend you adding yummy add ons like these to their diet. If you are interested in the raw diet research BARF and PREY model diets. I follow those in raw feeding with my pack.  It is not hard once you get in your research in. Just sayin’ lol! I get most my meats straight from good ole Walmart! And it isn’t anymore expensive than quality kibble per pound. Enjoy the pictures and be looking for your tag on FB videos next week. They will be late evening. Suppose to be high 90s next week! WHEW! Gotta love TN humidity! Text me with questions anytime!


Week 2 Jewels x Jerry 7/3/2020

Eyes and Ears are open!! They are so cuddly and so dang sweet!! Everyone received a routine dose of yucky wormer and a nail trim today.  They are starting to recognize our voices and holler at us! It is just precious! Jewels is spending some time out of the whelping box because these little piggies are always wanting to eat! They are weighing in at about 3 lbs each right now. Next week we will take some trips outside and introduce them to a litter pan. Yep that is right, your baby will be litter pan trained!  Enjoy the pictures!

Week 1 Jewels x Jerry 6/26/2020

Week 1 already! Look how big and fat! All 9 are doing fantastic! I expect ears and eyes to start opening by Monday or Tuesday. They will get their first nail trim this weekend. We are handling them multiple times a day. Each puppy goes through a series of neurological things from touching their feet to holding them on their backs. This is essential to a healthy start in life as well as developing their beautiful temperaments. Enjoy the pictures! Boy are we proud of them.

Newborn Jewels x Jerry 6/20/2020

We are completely smitten with these drop dead gorgeous puppies! OMG!! 5 males and 4 females! Mixture of blk/tans and blk/reds. They are so active and so vocal already! Momma Jewels is doing an amazing job as usual. Next week I will do individuals so you guys can see the girls and boys. Week 4 we add color coded collars.

Puppy pick day is July 31th. You can pick through photos/videos/recommendation or you can come hand pick.

Puppy pick up day is August 14. Make work arrangements now. No exceptions. All puppies leave on the same day. Not everyday you bring a new baby home. Take the weekend to bond!


Santa survived!

Chief visited our local Hardin County Nursing Home December 2019 with our homeschooling group. They sang Christmas Carols and then accompanied Chief to individual rooms to spread some Christmas cheer. At just 8 months old he was so gentle and wonderful with the seniors and the kids. You just can’t train a temperament like that. We were also very relieved the Santa on Chief’s back wasn’t eaten by this big ole puppy. Ha!

A trip to the Hardin County Nursing Home with our Homeschool Group 2019