Puppies for Sale

We currently have no adorable Hall’s puppies available but we do have two vet confirmed litters on the way. Please go to our Upcoming Litters page for more info.


Check out the pictures!

  • Jerry x Sammie Week 6 ALL PUPPIES ARE RESERVED We are all about play play play!!! On Friday, we get to go to our first vet well puppy checkup. 8 weeks is right around the corner! Have you guys puppy proofed your house? Bought your crate, bowls, Victor professionals food, toys, bed, collar and leash? Get ready!!
  • Jerry x Sammie Week 5 ALL PUPPIES ARE RESERVED Almost time for puppy pick out day!! Can you believe we are there? The babies are so happy and so playful all day long. They love the kids, big dogs, and playing outside. They are completely weaned from mom and are using a litter pan in their puppy pen as well as ...
  • Jerry x Sammie Week 4 Currently we have 2 females available for deposit! Half way there! Aren’t we the cutest little things! They are weaned to their “puppy milkshake” made primarily from Victor professionals quality dog food! We will send a small bag home at 8 weeks if needed, but we do recommend you using this food. It is great! I ...
  • Jerry x Sammie Week 3 Are we German Shepherds or bears? Can you tell? We love when people come visit us to play. We love our toys and wrestling with each other. We have started the weaning process and love our “puppy milkshake!” This week we will visit the other dogs and get to take our first trip outside. Enjoy ...
  • Jerry x Sammie – Week 2 Aren’t we big! We received our first dose of nasty wormer and got our nails trimmed. Mom was super thankful! This week we will get to drink water from a bowl and get introduced to some toys!
  • Jerry x Sammie – Week 1 We don’t do much except sleep, eat, and poop!      
  • Jerry x Sammie- Newborn Sammie gave us 4 females and 2 males. Looks to be all black/tans. Sammie is a first time mom and doing fantastic.