Sammie x Justus Week 4 Pictures

Halfway there!! Wow!! CHECK YOUR EMAILS AND REPLY! I have emailed our puppy contract and GSD puppy manual. Nothing to return but wanted you to review and ask questions prior to pickup day on the 8th! This week the pups had a lot of firsts. First time trying my puppy milkshake, very time in the dog pen, first time in the tunnel, first time with a water bucket, beds, and toys! They are adjusting just perfectly! Brave, confident, social, curious, and outgoing puppies! Just like the first round of this wonderful pairing. We hope you enjoy the pictures! Let me know any questions!

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Maci x Higgins Week 5 3/12/2021

One more week and we will know names and who goes to who!! We are so excited to evaluate temperament and drive at 6 weeks. This guys will fully wean from Momma Maci this coming week! They are free feeding like little champs! We hope you have watched all the videos we have posted to Facebook! Also I emailed our contract and puppy manual last week, PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOU RECEIVED IT! Enjoy the pictures and look for lots more videos next week!

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Maci x Higgins Week 4 Pictures 3/5/2021

Half way mark is here!!! Check your emails! I have emailed the puppy contract and my puppy manual. Let me know your questions and if you received it. No need to return, I will have it printed and ready for you at pickup on April 2! Time to start getting your home puppy proofed! These guys started weaning today, I hope you saw the video posted to Facebook! They loved their time outside and we will continue that pending weather daily! We now have collars on them! Males are red, orange, green, and black. Females are purple, pink, yellow, orange, and silver. Let the fun begin!!! Daily we will introduce them to new sounds, toys, and experiences. My goodness are they brave and ready to play all the time!!! Enjoy the pictures and keep an eye out for facebook lives and videos. I will always tag all the lucky puppy parents!

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Sammie x EzBrook’s Justus Week 3 3/4/2021

Wahoo! They are so big and so talkative. I hope you all got to see the video of their outside times today! My goodness they are so beautiful and so opinionated. This week we will add puppy beds, toys, and a water bowl to their whelping box. Pretty soon we will be weaning from Momma Sam and liter box training. Enjoy the pictures and look for videos on Facebook next week.

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Maci x Higgins Week 3 Pictures 2/26/2021

And BAM we go from mini polar bears to mini white shepherds! They bark and talk to us a lot. They are loving their toys and fluffy doggie beds. Today, I add their litter pans. Usually by 4-4.5 weeks our puppies are 99% litter box trained! Then the weaning process from Momma Maci will begin! This coming week I will add colored collars so you guys can start telling them apart and seeing the different personalities. Lets hope the rain clears so we can go outside again! Enjoy week 3 pictures!

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Sammie x Justus Week 2 Pictures 2/25/2021

We have eyes and ears!! My goodness they are vocal and opinionated! Ha! Growing like little weeds! They will receive their first dose of yucky wormer and a nail trim this evening. Look for the new video on Facebook this evening! Puppy cuddles are the best! We will add a water bowl, toys, and puppy beds to their whelping box. Pending weather, they will make their first trip outside next week! Video to come of that, of course! Ya’ll enjoy our week 2 pictures!

Maci x Higgins Week 2 Pictures 2/19/21

Hello mini polar bear stage! Ears and eyes are open! They received their first dose of yucky wormer and a nail trim! They are so sweet and so cuddly at this stage. We just adore them. This week we will add a water bowl, toys, and mini dog beds to their whelping box. They are starting to drunk walk and it is so funny! We are still doing the earlier neuro stimulation daily. It is so cute hearing them bark and talk to us! Enjoy the pictures!


Sammie x Justus Week 1 Pictures 2/18/2021

A week already! My goodness these little guys have grown! They are so wiggly and so active compared to our white shepherd litter. We have nicknamed some of them “popcorn.” You guys should have seen them popping up and basically jumping around while trying to get this photo shoot done. We spent most of the session laughing and repositioning them! Amazing how active they are already. Everyday each puppy goes through early neuro stimulation. It is so important the first 14 days of development. Their ears and eyes should start opening this week! It is always a sweet sight to see! They are gaining nicely daily, today they weighed in at 1.7lbs to 1.13lbs! As always momma Sam is taking excellent care of them. Enjoy the pictures, we certainly worked hard to wrangle this crew in!

Sammie x Justus Newborn Pictures 2/12/2021

They are here!! And perfect! Sammie had a long labor but a quick delivery! It amazing me every time how God designed these incredible beings to birth and take care of all these babies!! 9 gorgeous angels born 2/11/2021. 3 males and 6 females. We do have 2 puppies available for deposit. Each pups has gained weight from birth. Smallest is 15oz and biggest is 1.2 lbs. Sammie is doing an amazing job caring for them. We are blessed with phenomenal momma dogs! Enjoy the pictures!  Pick up day is April 8th. Make arrangement now. It’s not everyday you bring home a new family member.

Maci x Higgins Week 1 Pictures 2/12/2021

Hello world!! We are piggies! And our mommy lets us eat ALL day! Everyday, multiple times a day, we are handled by this red-headed human mommy who kisses us constantly. We can’t ear or see her yet, but she comes to visit a lot! We sleep, eat, and poop all day.

Boy they are sweet ya’ll! We are totally smitten! Everyday we put each puppy through the Early Neurological Stimulation process. They are a joy and Maci is a super mommy! Enjoy the pictures!