Hall’s Maci of Foxhunt’s Hero RN BCAT NA NAJ OA OAJ AX AXJ CGC

Our white shepherd from our Jessie/Justice Spring 2016 litter.  Our daughter, Piper, is training hard and currently trialling with Maci in Agility! Best friends!! 

Puppies are HERE sired by Von Tasz Classic Combo aka Higgins.

Another title!! What a team!!

Maci is truly the perfect dog for a beginner and especially a little girl. Piper started training Maci in obedience, then agility, as a puppy. They have literally learned together. Maci knows exactly what Piper is thinking before it happens. They are an incredible team and a show stopper for sure. Maci’s temperament is simply superb!  The ultimate White Shepherd! She has to be for a 11yr old little girl to be able to direct at 75lbs dog around the agility ring!

OFA good hips, normal elbows, patella, cardiac and shoulder. Full dentition. DM/MDR1 clear. Full Embark genetic health panel. All 172 markers are clear.

Maci’s OFA Health Clearances

Link to Maci’s Pedigree