Yjewels von Rheinhardt CD, BN, RN, RI, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ, CGC, CGCA (black/red female)

Jewels’ Credentials:

Jewels is cream of the crop, excellent example of the breed. Anyone that comes to my home can tell right off that Jewels and I are a bonded pair. She is truly my heart dog and my agility and obedience partner. She has taught me more in these last few years about training shepherds that I ever knew when I started 12 years ago.  As you can see in her pedigree, Jewels comes from the old and wanted Ritterberg West German show line straight from Germany. Her parents are both imported from Germany with impressive titles and rankings. We are very lucky and proud to have her added to our program. Jewels have an excellent temperament, medium drive, and aims to please me. So far her pups have excellent temperaments, health, and ability just like their ancestors which made phenomenal family companions, service/therapy dogs, K9s, trackers, and much more.  You are welcome to view our Past Litter photos to see some of her gorgeous offspring.