Week 5 Sammie x Ezbrook’s Justus 3/25/2020

One more week and you will know who your sweet baby is! I can’t wait to hear names!! Your puppies are 100% litter pan trained and already potty training to go outside. They have mastered the tunnel, ball pit, multiple surfaces, interactive toys, the scary vacuum, and a multitude of other different things we expose them too. After this weekend, they will be 100% weaned from Momma Sammie! We will continue to potty train this week and introduce them to a crate. We are so happy with these little guys. I just can’t stress their temperaments enough. They are getting the best start in life and I hope you guys can see and feel that from us. We did stack them up this week so I can start to evaluate conformation. Not bad for 5 week old puppies! And a shout out to my Piper, only 11 yrs old, who stacked all the puppies up just beautifully for 5 weeks old.   Enjoy the pictures and videos I post to FB!